An Introduction to the Work of Gérard Ramon


as a neck tilts or an arm stretches so other parts of the body adjust and the whole balance of the form is subtly changed.

We can immediately feel how the body's weight has been moved into an unusual place and how the whole form is adjusting to provide itself with complete security of balance, the power in the knees, the balancing weight in the buttocks.Yet Ramon's work never seems heavy and there is an easy humour in more than a few of his figures.

Artists are exhibitionists. They usually wish to display what they have created. When their subject is the human body then the exhibitionism of both artist and model is involved, they are conscious of themselves and of the eyes that will view them.

But Gerard Ramon does not just exhibit his work, he inhabits it. He is concerned with much more than the presentation of perfect surfaces. This in an artist who has learned the hard lessons of classic tradition and then developed his skills in a unique style that avoids the cul-de-sacs of exagerrated contemporary theories. He has learned how to let his heart direct his head and hands.

Because of his complete identification with the feelings of his models, Ramon unerringly places the centre of gravity for each work in such a way that every part of the form expresses the appropriate tension. Knees and buttocks are alive with energy;

To express his inner feelings and the deep emotions of his models as he does is magic, so it seems appropriate that he has chosen for much of his work to turn to the techniques of the alchemist, transmuting baser metals into creations that are indeed gold. From the soft sweep of crayon, through the tactile modelling of clay, Gerard Ramon has now evolved his skills with the tools of the metal fabricator to transform the hardness of bronze and copper into warm, sensual beings. I find it difficult to believe that his mother and child sculptures started life as sheets of flat metal.

For most sculptors all this would be enough achievement but Ramon adds yet another challenge to his art. Although he still creates life-size figures, and even minutely perfect figurines, he has devoted much of his work to monumental sculptures specifically created for public, often municipal, spaces. Thus he shares his art with passers-by who may stop for a moment and experience all the emotions that Ramon has captured in his sculpture.

This is the work of an artist who loves and admires the sensuality of the human body and wants to share that love and admiration with everyone. His creations are so full of warmth and energy that when I have looked my fill at them I would not be surprised to see them straighten up and walk boldly away.


Paris, june 2003.